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As we are nearly at the end of 2022… another crazy year, I’ve started another twenty projects and me and my partner are having a baby… maybe very early 2023!

In terms of mobile traffic… Simple terms… people visiting website using a mobile device. We all have our mobiles pretty much glued to our hands and with the few minutes of the day you have not using TikTok it seems the majority of people are using their mobiles to ‘surf’ – eww what a word!

Statista, who is one of the top providers of market research have released a report that shows mobile web traffic was touching nearly 60% of all web traffic.. worldwide. continuing to grow from around 30% back in 2015.

Why are you telling me?

You may have a website of your own that hasn’t been updated for sometime and I can help with that.

Technology advances as quick as .. well.. something thats really quick and/or website needs to be at the very front of that.

Your website is likely going to be the first place a potential customer is going to visit to verify your business. It should be at least viewable from the device they are using which, if you’ve been reading… is likely going to be a mobile… you’re on yours now arn’t you!

Next steps

I can give you a quote to update, revamp your website or even create a brand new one. send me an e-mail, message on social media or use the contact form and I’ll send over a quote.

A full website can typically be anywhere between £400 and £800

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