About Me

I’m Jonny, I’m 34 years young living in the midlands, UK.

Passionate about creative design and media, I design lots of things for the internet such as websites, flyers and I also DJ and produce music.

I’ve DJ’d since I was 11 years old which would’ve been 1999! it’s taken me to Tenerife, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

I started designing websites when I was around the age of 14 before I knew you could earn money from doing so, I then moved on to hosting the websites I was designing.

I have loads of other projects but too many to list here, I just always have to have multiple things going on…its how my brain is wired!

My Projects

As many of them I can list

Poppy Host

Web Hosting, Domain Names & Web Development provided locally.

Get Me on that plane

Cheap flights.


Websites, Flyers, Business Items & Bespoke Clothing


Websites, Flyers, Business Items & Bespoke Clothing


Create and manage invoices and expenses.

Lichfield DJ

Party DJ for Weddings, Birthday's and Christmas parties.


Premium clothing.