Hello, I'm Jonny George

I create things on the internet.

I also DJ and make a bit of music of my own.

I manage a number of websites that include an online flight search engine, comparison energy site, selling my DJ mixes, website hosting and website design and development.


Website Management

Pay monthly for complete website management


Exclusive designs printed on various items.


Available for your event or if you require a DJ mix or remix for a performance.

Video Editing

Professional editing and mastering of film for posting on Social Media.


Featured Work

Some of my projects I’ve recently completed, if you require something similar please send me a message.

Next Level Coaching

Brand new website design for a fantastic online coaching PT. The site includes an exclusive members area which gives access to numbers resources dependent on the sign up. 

Manso Joinery

An updated website design for a local company, the client requested a simple but modern design which can also be viewed on mobile devices and a social media pack for use on Facebook.

Emmis Kitchen

eCommerce website design for a local treat baker, showing off the amazing cupcakes and cookies and giving customers the ability to order and pay online in less that 60 seconds.

Get Me On That Plane

Design and development for an online travel agent to showcase great destinations coupled with low fares. Keeping the design simple but showing off the brands quirky side.


Dance Mixes, Production & DJ

Anything music related I’m sure I’ll be able to assist in someway, I’ve been creating/playing around with music as long as I can remember.


Club and Party DJ since my first gig at the age of 11, now with over 20 years experience.

Street Dance Mixes

Professional mix for your competition, specialising in Street Dance.

Super Clean Edits

Sometimes 'radio edit's art enough, I clear tracks to make them suitable for all ages.


Creation of my own remixes and original tracks, all posted to Mixcloud or SoundCloud.



turned on iphone displaying camera interface

Mobile Traffic

As we are nearly at the end of 2022… another crazy year, I’ve started another twenty projects and me and my partner are having a


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